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About Us

New Jersey Senior Care Provider

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Our Mission and Core Values:

Cyril Senior Care (CSC) is deeply committed to providing unsurpassed level of personalized care possible to the citizens of our community by hiring, educating and retaining quality caregivers.

Core Values

  • Peace of Mind: Meticulous hiring process for our caregivers: CSC Pros are thoroughly screened and an extensive background check is performed to guarantee that your privacy is protected and your home is always respected and secure.
  • Stay Connected with CYRIL CARES!: Robust engagement journey: from initial assessment, to scheduling and connecting with CSC Pro, and ensuring consistent experience through repeated visits.
  • Joyful Experience: Emphasis on superior quality of living at home through a comprehensive and connected service package.

Meet the Team

a nurse and her patient
  • CSC Registered nurse:
    • Develops a care plan for loved ones
    • Schedules a visit every other month to make any necessary adjustment for optimal care
a nurse and her patient
  • CSC Administrator:
    • Responsible for hiring and retaining top quality individuals
    • Provides continuous training plan based on needs and client feedback
a nurse and her patient
  • CSC Coordinator:
    • Ensures clarity of communication between the family and the caregiver
    • Manages requested schedules and ensures caregiver availability
a nurse and her patient
  • CSC Pro:
    • Takes care of your loved ones to improve their quality of life

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